Verco Ltd.

Verwood & Lichfield Cabinets

Verco Ltd, the leading supplier of refrigerated cabinets for the UK convenience store sector, will be using its stand at EuroShop to launch two new ranges of refrigerated cabinets for the retail sector.
The new Verwood glass door and open chill cabinet range is priced below Verco’s Classic Richmond/Henley and Cambridge cabinets to offer customers an alternative for installations where specifications and budgets do not require the premium models. Glass door and open cabinets share the same trim, headers and bump bars, to extending Verco’s “Integrated styling” theme. They are also available finished in customers’ corporate colour schemes.
The new Lichfield open cabinet has been introduced following the development of a deeper version of the successfull Cambridge model for the UK supermarket sector. The Lichfield is available in 1300 mm, 1950 mm and 2492 mm widths and features generous 530 mm deep shelves in a cabinet that is only 815 mm deep. This makes the Lichfield ideal for larger convenience stores and supermarkets where high volume merchandising is a priority and floor space is at a premium.
Verco sells around 20% of its production to other EU countries via a network of distributors who also provide service support.