UniCredit Bank Russia protects its ATM network against insider attacks using NCR Solidcore for APTRA

NCR’s multi-vendor security software prevents from inside-out skimming attacks
MOSCOW, Russia − Unicredit Bank, a leading provider of financial services in Russia, is installing NCR Corporation’s (NYSE: NCR) Solidcore Suite for APTRA™, a multivendor ATM software security solution with real-time centralized management that prohibits the introduction of unauthorized code on ATMs and protects them from insider attacks. The software is being installed on Unicredit’s entire multivendor ATM network in its branches.
NCR Solidcore for APTRA proactively allows only authorised code to run, rather than reacting to known attacks as they arise. Specifically, Solidcore for APTRA automatically creates and updates the inventory of good code and protects the system’s memory so that authorised code cannot be modified, deleted or hijacked – the process in which malicious code replaces authorized code with itself.
“Card security is paramount for us,” said Alexander Vishnyakov, director of card business and remote service department at UniCredit. “We chose NCR’s security solution as it prevents all types of malicious software manipulation in real time and is easy to manage, giving our ATM network 24/7 protection. We found that NCR is the only company offering proactive solutions to ATM security. With Solidcore for APTRA we can ultimately reduce our equipment installation and service costs, while providing greater protection to our network.”
“In most cases, manufacturers and financial institutions build security solutions for known and anticipated security issues. It is hard to be clairvoyant on all the malicious code that can be written. What makes Solidcore for APTRA unique from everything else on the market is that it protects systems from all unauthorized code – known or unknown – and automates reporting, which makes it so much easier to control the environment and achieve PCI compliance,” said Michael O’Laughlin, vice president and general manager of NCR Financial Services.
Solidcore for APTRA is part of the NCR Secure portfolio, NCR’s holistic approach to security for self-service solutions. For more information on NCR’s multi-layered ATM security approach, visit