Umdasch Shop-Concept GmbH

Trendy architecture, dramatic staging, new systems

The Umdasch Shopfitting Group with its core brands Umdasch Shop-Concept and Assmann Shop Design has made a conscious decision to continue its series of themed EuroShop presentations in 2008. In 2002 the theme was media architecture; in 2005 store branding was the main focus of the presentation. From 23 – 27 February 2008, surprised visitors to the Umdasch stand will encounter a sensuously staged product world presenting trends in food and non-food shopfitting.

Based on the trade fair motto “tasteandstyle”, Umdasch will present six themed constributions (retail brands) with a number of innovations in the fields of both products and systems. The retail brands on display are full of witty ideas for the contemporary presentation of goods ranges. The Assmann brand focuses on settings for convenience, wellness and fitness items. In the case of Umdasch Shop-Concept the goods on display come from the fields of fashion, beauty and accessories. The eye-catching circular architecture will be dominated by suspended cylinders which are covered in gold-coloured drapes. The atmospheric lighting effects will heighten the overall dramatic effect. Umdasch has established a partnership with the company RZB Leuchten especially for the EuroShop. The concept and design are the work of the communications agency Section.d and Labvert, a young partnership of architects, both based in Vienna. The themes, systems and programmes come from the development departments of Umdasch and Assmann.

In the themed contributions Umdasch has effected a bold design abstraction of the ranges, which are presented without the addition of goods. In this way the numerous innovations in systems and programmes are displayed with particular clarity. In addition to retail professionals this should permit architects, designers and shop planners to find what they are looking for. In addition, further details about the Umdasch Shopfitting Group’s core competences will be provided at six information counters:

References / SHOP aktuell
At this counter the Umdasch Shop-Concept brand will present its current references on-screen. Also available are the most recent issues of SHOP aktuell, including the latest edition, no. 103. Free subscriptions may be ordered by filling out the info-coupon.

References / Media
This counter is dedicated to the references of the Assmann Shop Design brand. Here you will find, amongst other material, the Assmann Mailer No. 15 – hot off the press.

ShopConsult by Umdasch / Shop Academy
ShopConsult by Umdasch is the highly specialized advisory servce of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group. Here you will find information about the range of services it offers. The Umdasch Shop Academy presents its seminar programme for 2008 as well as a selection of detailed programmes.

DesignShop by Assmann
The DesignShop by Assmann presents a comprehensive range of services. The information available will include trends in contemporary architecture, planning and design as well as the “general planning/technical office” service department.

Project Management, Sourcing & Production
Here you can discover how to benefit from the Global Sourcing Network (GSN) of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group. Or learn what is meant by the expression “total cost of ownership”.

Networking partners
At this counter you will find information about network partners of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group. For example about RZB Leuchten, the renowned Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut (GDI) in Zurich Rüschlikon or about Procedes, the digital printing company.

Visitors to the Umdasch stand at the EuroShop will not only benefit from first-hand experience of witty ideas and information; they will also be able to take advantage of the attractive lounge and bar area, which over the decades has been a popular meeting place at every EuroShop.


This time, new products and systems will form the focal point of the presentation by Umdasch and Assmann at the EuroShop. There are, in fact, nine shopfitting systems, which have been adapted to fit into the themed contributions according to requirements. At Umdasch Shop-Concept the shopfitting ranges Carré, Uniplug, Independent, Arena Alu and a matching shelving system will make their first appearance at the EuroShop. These new shopfitting systems offer a wide range of possibilities for customization. They thus meet the requirements of architects and designers for systems which can be used in different ways and adapted to suit the brand design in question.

The wall system Carré, for example, demonstrates the maximum degree of flexibility in the design of the rear wall. The unit backs can easily be removed and exchanged, so that the background against which the goods are presented can be changed at any time and adapted to suit different brands or ranges of goods.

In the case of Uniplug the need for customization was solved in a highly innovative manner. This is a completely new system of stands for the centre of the shop. Free-standing systems usually consist of tubular structures which are of limited use when it comes to brand presentation. Uniplug combines tubular structures with panel elements which can be individually styled. By varying the form, material and colour scheme the panel sections can be ideally adapted to suit the brand design. Brand names and logos can also be applied.

In the new wall system Arena Alu the technology is virtually invisible. Only a thin vanity line indicates that shelving elements can be inserted into the unit backs. The main visual element consists of the unit backs themselves, which can be styled invididually by the designer to match the brand. The Arena Alu shelves are a true market innovation. They are designed in aluminium. Accurately mitred joints, visible screws and high-quality Eloxal surfaces lend the design its unique appearance.

Independent is a new aluminium upright system into which Arena Alu shelves can be inserted. The uprights can be mounted onto virtually all shapes and materials. Independent is particularly suitable for goods presentation on columns and on convex or concave walls. Regardless of the overall store architecture or shop design – with Independent uprights you can display goods virtually anywhere.

At Assmann, ALL4one is the common platform for the new family of products which can be employed in different versions as required. The range includes A30, A30 lite, A25 and A25 lite. ALL4one includes a system of uprights which can be inserted into each other, with a choice of central or pre-mounted unit backs and complete compatibility between the wire and sheet elements with a single dividing system. What makes the system quite different is the fact that the height of the shelves is adjustable, rather than the appearance of the slits. In the case of System A25, for example, the units can be adjusted at either 25 mm or 50 mm intervals.

The partnership with RZB Leuchten was established specially for the EuroShop. It provides the Umdasch presentation and the individual theme areas with a particularly realistic and innovative lighting concept. Among the interesting new features will be found, for example, the track spotlight id entity, which can be fitted with the branding of the customer in question. At the EuroShop it is largely employed with 70 watts of power, with various angles of light emission and colours. Another attractive feature is the RZB large-surface spotlight, which provides the customer’s path through the store with colour-driven spatial lighting. Within each contribution, individual solutions have been designed and adjusted to blend with each other to provide lighting accents for goods presentation, general lighting for the overall sales area and contour lighting for the furnishings.

The sketch for the themed contribution “Beauty” shows that Umdasch has boldly abstracted the design of the ranges. In this way the new shopfitting systems, in this case Arena Alu and Independent, can be exhibited to best advantage: