Flex Design A/S

Trade show software

Using the slogan "Exhibitions made easy" Flex Design A/S, situated in Ans, Denmark, is now introducing the world's first software solution for planning and coordinating whole exhibition projects.

Based on own experience during the last 13 years of designing, producing and building exhibition stands worldwide for many various customers, Flex Design A/S decided to develop their own software solution to assist and guide customers through this rather complex task.

Running a complete exhibition project from the very beginning to the final end, a project can end up being a rather complex task.
And if you have additional projects running at the same time, it suddenly becomes confusing. This is where FlexExpo has its strength and provides the user with a clear cut focus on each trade show project combined with the exact economic overview of the user's activities.

The software system is a self-running application where the core base is a relational database, including 22 different modules which can easily be modified to meet the future demands. This secures FlexExpo for the future as well as making it open-minded for new requests from its users. The system includes modules like:
Trade show registration, stand construction, hotel booking, product ordering, advertising, budget, to do lists, calendar, shipping, clothing, evaluation etc., which will decrease the time of

planning and coordinating with other people in the organisation.There is no doubt that the investment in FlexExpo will be returned within 2 or 3 medium-sized exhibition projects.

The problem with participating in a trade show is often the very same for any company; that the necessary time and resources have not been taken into account whilst planning the exhibition - and this is where FlexExpo takes over - and leaves the customer to concentrate on the most important "their products".

During the national launch of FlexExpo in Denmark, Flex Design A/S opens a new web site in cyberspace for users who have committed themselves to FlexExpo and who use it on a daily basis. The web address will be from which users can benefit in terms of support, updates, tips & tricks, see project cases and a lot more that will assist users in being more efficient when it comes to planning exhibitions.
The international launch in an English and German version will take off next year in February and at a major scale for the trade show event "EuroShop 2002 Trade Show" in Düsseldorf, which will be held on 23.2 to 27.2.2002. For further information, please contact Flex Design A/S.