Sales Success with Well-Managed Touchpoints

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The number of products offered at supermarkets or discounters is enormous: consumers can find approximately 10,000 products in a supermarket and ca. 2,000 in discount stores (German Trade Association). Many are part of the same segment and compete with each other in a very limited area. This is why it is very important for manufacturers to stand out and design the customer’s contact with the brand (touchpoint) to promote sales. Consumers should help themselves at the advertising touchpoint and create sales.


Interview with Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services, TrendONE

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Mobile devices create a new type of connection between customer and retailer. Both sides can access information and sales offers at anytime and anywhere. In our current interview, Sven Tollmien, Director Innovation Services with the trend analysis specialists at TrendONE, explains why current solutions enable an increase in customer retention and new services in the store as well as how it benefits retailers if their customers take advantage of these offers.


Digital Advertising on the store shelf - Finding new ways to approach the customer

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Aside from the (especially in food retailing) still popular and favored print advertising with ad flyers or ads in the daily newspaper, other types of advertising, which have a measurable impact on impulse buying directly at the POS, have also established themselves for some time now. New digital advertising solutions play a particularly big role when it comes to what product the customer chooses at the store shelf.