Touching brick and mortar retail

Topic on multisensual marketing

Brick and mortar retail has a big plus for customers: by reaching all their senses to create a lively shopping event. 

Please touch! Material gets to tell a story

Interview with Hannes Bäuerle, raumProbe

Hannes Bäuerle

Retailers have many choices when they design their stores. The large variety of materials ranging from wood to concrete and the endless options of colors and shape of design elements are hard to fathom. And what exactly is the latest trend? Interior designer and co-owner of Raumprobe, Hannes Bäuerle, has an amazing overview.

What we hear is what we feel: Guiding the buying decision process sensibly

Interview with Professor Monika Imschloß, University of Cologne, Germany

Monika Imschloß
For retailers, these insights could mean brand-new kinds of targeted sales promotion at the POS: our perception on how things feel to us can change depending on what type of music we listen to. Psychologist Professor Monika Imschloß of the University of Cologne discusses the findings of her study with us.

Just try it: What brick-and-mortar stores do better than online retailers

Experiencing and testing with all senses

Over hill, over dale or off to bed ‒ getting to test products directly in the store is a real advantage brick-and-mortar businesses have over online retailers. All of our senses become a part of the purchase decision in this case. Creating an experience can range from very simple settings all the way to gigantic backdrops.