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Touch the Future of Retailing!

The Planar DS15 delivers an entirely new, cost-effective way of bringing the power of interactivity to the retail floor. Its ability to present a range of compelling rich media content enables customer-direct communication while increasing productivity per square foot and enhancing customer service.

The DS15 is a highly integrated marketing solution capable of delivering interactive content in a wide variety of application environments, offering appliance-like installation, operation, and reliability. Its compact form factor and sleek industrial design contains a high bright display and capacitive touchscreen, multiple ports (USB, serial, parallel, RJ45 Ethernet), high-performance fanless tablet PC processor with advanced graphic chipset, CD/DVD-ROM drive, hard drive, and modular speakers.

The retail-ready industrial design features an industry standard VESA mount and keyed access to all controls. The modular design also allows new peripherals to be added to each unit. Developed to adapt to changing floor plans, installation takes minutes and only requires a screwdriver and a standard electrical outlet.

The software suite works with marketing assets in a variety of formats -Flash, Shockwave, QuickTime, HTML, or video-to be easily re-purposed and delivered right at the point of purchase. The Content Manager desktop application provides simple loading, scheduling and deploying. Player yields appliance like playback according to a customized schedule. Administrator allows remote configuration and control using a standard Web browser or automated scripts. Enterprise features such as heartbeat and content pulling, and data log posting are also included for advanced systems management. The DS15 can communicate product features and benefits, generate leads, enable purchases, offer a greater range of SKUs without carrying inventory, provide market research, or deliver employee training all at the touch of finger.

For standalone applications, content is loaded locally to the unit's hard drive via the CD/DVD drive; in networked environments, it is downloaded remotely using http and the unit's onboard browser or automated scripts.

Planar is one of the world's leading providers of flat-panel displays. Planar has more than 20 years expertise in developing display solutions for a variety of demanding applications in medical, industrial, commercial and consumer markets. Visit for more information on our award winning solutions.

Designed to deliver appliance-like installation and operation, the DS15 is a highly optimized solution that allows a compelling interactive experience to be delivered anywhere there is an electrical outlet. The bundled software suite enables a wide variety of rich media content to be easily scheduled and deployed directly at the point of purchase. Compact, durable, and flexible enough to support a variety of applications environments, the DS15 offers an entirely new level of performance in a retail-ready package.

Visit for more information on our award winning solutions.