Halodan A/S


Tornado® is a new range of spots for 230V track systems. The spot is delivered in 24 different variations:

- Three types for metal halide (MH); 35W, 70W and 150W.

- Three types for high-pressure sodium-vapour lamps (HN); 35W, 50W and 100W

- Two types for the combination of MH and coolbeam (CB): 35W or 70W MH and max 50W CB

- Two types for the combination of HN and CB: 35W or 50W HN and max 50W CB

- One spot with 2 x CB (CB/CB), max 50W

- One spot for max 50W CB

A wide variety of accessories are developed for the Tornado range, for example reflectors spreading the light in Spot, Flood or Wide Flood angles. Furthermore, Tornado HN can be delivered with coated glass, reflector or honeycomb mesh and the Tornado MH can be delivered with coloured glass or honeycomb mesh.

The Tornado range is manufactured of nature anodised extruded aluminium. Reflectors and electric components are all of highest quality.

Tornado can be both tilted and rotated. This allows optimal flexibility when using the fittings.

The Tornado range is as standard delivered with a three-phased universal adapter.

The Tornado range is developed for use in food as well as non-food sectors.