Interview with Elke Moebius, Messe Düsseldorf

© Elke Moebius

EuroShop 2014 is the largest in its history. The world's largest capital goods exhibition for the retail and its partners this year again offers an ideal opportunity to learn about the current trends and issues in the industry and to experience retail impressions personally. Elke Moebius, director EuroShop at Messe Düsseldorf, explains, which highlights await visitors at EuroShop this year.


"Digitalization is essential for capturing the new experience"

© Klaus Lach

An exciting shopping experience is a great shopping experience. What makes it so great? Mainly the kind of presentation at the POS. That’s why digital technologies find more and more areas of application with which retailers can turn shopping into an experience. Klaus Lach, Vice President of the European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association (VMM), talks about the dramatization at the POS, stores that seem to be able to do without products and the creative battle for the customer.


Retail is more innovative than ever before

© Gerling

The global retail industry is currently facing some of the biggest challenges in decades. Radical changes in consumer buying behavior, rapid technological change, which enormously influences both the internal processes in companies as well as the sales approach demand a high degree of innovativeness from retail to be able to also successfully stand its ground in the market in the future.