La Sphera SRL

The honor award to Logic 250 from the French Oscar for the retail distribution

In Paris, in the EquipMag, an important French fair dedicated to furniture and high technologies addressed to the points of sale of Retailing and Distribution, the Logic 250 - the trolley that completes the Line Eko Logic Shop to Shop entirely made in recycled Pet, has received the Honor Award from the Judge of the Large Distribution that evaluates the best innovations.

It was presided by Mr. Bernard Théobald, the President of PERIFEM – the Technical French Association of Commerce and Distribution, and also composed of Mr. Jean Bernard Gallois, a journalist of Lsa, the most important LOD magazine in France, and of technical people from Carrefour (Mr. Serge Rouzier), Marionnaud (Mr. Henri Pfemmert), Intermarché (Mr. Michel Préchais) and Le Bon Marché (Mr. Guy de Fougeroux).

For the Logic250 it definitely meant the achievement of an Oscar!

It is a trolley made of 250 recycled plastic bottles and is appropriate for the large shopping.

By its turn, the French fair (September 11-14, 2006), composed by 400 participants from 32 different countries, received more than 18,000 visitors and reconfirmed its position as a reference point for the international market.

In such event, the judge has stressed a great interest in the solutions presented by the competitors, appreciating the utility and the importance of practical offers, easy to use and the moulding aspect.

As long as the Retailing is concerned, the selection of the judge was based in the respect to the environment, the energy saving and security.

«For us, says Giorgio Marocco, the Managing Director of La Sphera, it is an important recognition since it comes from qualified technical members of the biggest French retail distribution network. We are very satisfied of the work developed by all the staff of Origine which has promoted the Line Eko Logic Shop to Shop within the Italian market.»

The Logic 250 has several “plus” comparing to the traditional trolleys: besides its “ecological” appeal, it is elegant (in PET colored transparent), lighter than the metal ones and easier to handle since it is created and built according to the ergonomic and prossemic rules. Moreover, it has a comfortable anatomic seat to fit a child who accompanies the mother when shopping. The trolley is also a great tool of communication where is possible to insert marketing advertisements in many spaces of it.

The basket (Eko 23), the basket carrier (Logic 75) and the trolley (Logic 250) of the Line Eko Logic Shop to Shop is conquering the planet in the sense that it is cleaning it from the plastic which would take thousands of years to biodegradation.

Origine S.a.r.l., a company controlled by La Sphera S.r.l., being the first project financed by the company Compagnia di Finanza Etica, presided by Mr. Michelangelo Bergia, commercializes the Line. The expected turnover of La Sphera S.r.l. for 2006 is estimated in 3 million Euros.

The La Sphera products, presented in more than 300 points of sale in Europe and overseas, specially Brazil and the Middle East, already participated to important exhibitions and relevant publications, for instance, the book “Riciclo, la doppia vita delle cose” (“Recycling, the double life of things”), edited by the Ministry of Environment and Care of Territory, in Ital