Pierhouse Business Solutions

The fast communication of accurate and applicable marketing messages down to SKU level will boost sales and reduce wastage, claims Pierhouse

An increase in demand for tools that will enable retailers to change a product price across all their POS marketing output as fast as it can be amended in their EPOS system, is being met by UK-based Pierhouse, a leader in marketing management solutions.

“To gain competitive advantage retailers today need to be able to change a price or a message within hours, if not minutes, and certainly, not days, across their marketing media – both print and digital,” explains Ian Hook, managing director, Pierhouse, which has expanded its suite of solutions to meet this need.

It now offers a best-of-breed, web-based sign and ticketing solution that incorporates the flexibility to print either in store, at head office or a combination of both. Customers of the solution already include Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Staples in the USA.

In addition, since January 2008, Pierhouse has been using SMS technology to generate different menus during the day for digital screens at the food counters of supermarket group Waitrose’s branch at Canary Wharf in London’s banking and business district.

“We can change a screen image in 10 minutes and the printed collateral across a retailer’s entire estate of hundreds of stores within two hours – and at every level we know that the message is compliant and applicable,” says Hook.

“We are always looking at new ways to improve our in-store marketing communication to customers,” says Steve Scott, department manager, point of sale administration, Waitrose. “The screens provide us with the flexibility to change our message during the day, something that is not possible with traditional POP. The fact that store staff do not have to worry about the screens or their content, means they can focus on the prime role of interacting with customers.”

With Corporate Social Responsibility a key focus for major retailers, they are also keen to look at ways to reduce wastage. “By generating only the marketing collateral that is needed, retailers can save tens of thousands of pounds a year,” claims Hook. “Our research reveals that around 50%, and in some instances 90%, of POS material sent from head office to branches is thrown away, unused, much to the concern of staff.”