Novax Sarl

The Visioprix Concept

A communication concept with the goal of dynamically promoting products and encouraging development of complementary purchases, this novel point of sale advertising tool links the impact and flexibility of electronic display with the visual quality of traditional posters.

The Visioprix Concept goes with a full range of products (the Visioprix Design, the Light Tower, the Totel Visio, the Kakémono Visio, the Fronton Visio) which can be placed at strategic spots at the point of sale. It is sold with a collection of digital quality thematic visuals which are suitable for every type of business activity. Very simple to use, Visioprix is programmed by means of an infra-red remote control, giving a high level of autonomy to the user.
This concept is available in Visioprix New design and E Device (reduced handling thanks to remote delivery of messages).
Visioprix won the 1999 Popaї Oscar for Luminous signs.