SnapDisplay Global AS

"The New Paperclip" - See it and believe it!

Created by Need
Snap Display has also been called; "Scandinavian Design at it's Best". It is an award winning, patented, universal display/ frame/ signage system. Its simplicity, ease of use and good looks makes it a small revolution in its trade. It comes in sizes from small signs to large posters and may be mounted in portrait and landscape format on the wall or on a desktop in virtually any angle. To change the displayed messages takes seconds without tools.
The system is equally fit for POS/POP, signage, Photo Framing or Exhibitions and Fairs.
Gold Medals for the Potential of Commercial Success
"Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent", in the spirit of these famous words of Thomas Edison; two gold medals has been won at international invention fairs, "for the potential of commercial success"; In 2001 at BBC's Tomorrows World / Innovate 2001 in London and in 2002 The Geneva Inventions Fair, the Worlds largest.
Designed by Need
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo da Vinci”
When decorating a shop, a suitable display system meeting the following needs was not found: A universal display system which could be mounted on the wall and on a desktop in portrait & landscape format at different angles so to; "always face the customer". Various sizes were needed as well as a uniform attractive design which did not command the surroundings or contents. It should be easy and quick to use without tools or loose parts, as information changes quickly today. Of course it had to meet the most important requirement of all display systems, maximum attention towards its contents, whether it is advertisement, information or directions. The inventor doesn't know how SnapDisplay was "born” as he woke up the next morning with the design in his head.
Examining SnapDisplay reveals a system designed according to the theses of "functionalism”, "form follows function”. The patented one piece (mono) frame's curved front plate, enhances its contents, while it's gripping edges is the secret to the quick and easy way the inserted material is mounted - in a "snap”.