Fri-Jado B.V.

The Multisserie is an ingenious machine for all sorts of meat, vegetables and bread.

The Multisserie is an ingenious machine in which you can prepare, hold and regenerate all sorts of meat, vegetables and bread.

The memory of the Multisserie offers space for 64 programs with five preparation steps in each program. Time, temperature and number of steam pulses can be set in each program. Moreover you can make a program by using the core temperature probe. The Multisserie is available in four different versions. A meat version, a meat version with automatic cleaning (AC), a bake version and a bake versionwith automatic cleaning (AC). In the AC versions cleaning, rinsing and drying passes off completely automatically.

The bottom and the removable interior accessories are coated with an easy-to-clean coating. Thanks to this, you have a clean Multisserie in no time. The Multisserie has an astonishing appearance. Due to the innovative, round design with three large glass doors your customershave a 270° view on your products. In addition the attractive lighting ensures an optimum product presentation for which your customers yield to temptation with all the delicacies that you merchandise in the Multisserie.