Novax Sarl

The Jumbo Visio

The Jumbo Visio is a complement to the Visioprix range and is a tool which, when placed in a strategic point of flow of potential customers (car park, access route to the shop etc.) facilitates better exterior communication and increases the number of customers going into the point of sale.

The Jumbo Visio throws a whole new light on 4x3 advertising.
It consists of:
- A traditional display module where it is possible to put up advertisements with seasonal or event-orientated messages
- An information module for advertising general services with the aid of a series of pictograms
- A back-lit logo on the base
- An electronic module where informational or promotional messages can be displayed about the products on sale in the shop.

In terms of use, being able to programme messages from a distance form inside the shop itself, via modem, guarantees tremendous adaptability.