The IDS collection 2002.

For the first time ever, IDS is introducing its collection. Their partner for developments and realizations for this introduction is the renowned maker of high pressure laminates, Dekodur, who with their one of a kind decors where the cause and specification for the IDS collection 2002. The IDS collection 2002 consists of more than 200 various designs and is grouped in themes:

- abstract & 3D forms
- technology & nature
- style
- people
- children & nature.

These six themes represent the chosen creations, which have been co-ordinated to harmonize with the chosen decors. Not only was the convergence of colour taken into consideration, but most importantly the structure – and detail-level.
All decors are surface deployable and can thus be used as floor-coverings as well.
IDS is to be seen implemented as the platform to aid with ideas and an open forum for designers.

The combination of customer-oriented individualized designs, IDS collection, and the standard decors - results in a highly efficient way of interior architecture and integrates the necessary marketing needs instantaneously.