The German food retail chains "...tegut" and EDEKA have chosen Eckelmann system technology

"Considering rising energy prices for oil, gas, water and electricity, efficient energy management makes the difference in competition between retailers", says Claus Breitung, responsible for the energy management of the German food retailer “…tegut”. As a result, the chain decided to equip step by step their around 300 outlets with Eckelmann system technology. Ventilation, heating, sanitary and warm water units are controlled, regulated and monitored as well as the refrigeration.

Also for EDEKA, another German retailer, efficient energy management is a priority. Niko Clausen, from the EDEKA management, decided at the beginning of 2006 to take the opportunity of a general renovation to equip his store with Eckelmann system technology. The entire technical installation, including heating, heat recovery, lighting, water, ventilation and refrigeration were integrated in the new system. Already after a few months operation, the results are convincing with savings between 10 and 18%.

The above mentioned technology is called E-LDS und E-GMS and has been developed by the German supplier Eckelmann AG. E-LDS provides energy saving control and quality management of refrigeration installations in supermarkets. It has been completed by E-GMS, a full BMS (buildings management system).

The energy management functions include refrigeration, heating, ventilation and lighting. The CAN bus integration permits to determine the best set point of each consumer from an energetic point of view and to use it as a base for the operational conditions of he installation.