The Cash System To Impress: RichPOS 5500

RichPOS 5500

The most remarkable feature of the completely fanless RichPOS 5500 series is its robust aluminium housing, developed specifically with the tough operations associated with a cash point work place. Also, the customer's corporate identity can now be included in small numbers of units by using the acrylic glass outer frame and covers in the company's colour and with the company's logo.

Its great success can be explained by the advantages of fanless devices:
 Very quiet operation of the cash system, as there are no fans used for cooling which cause drone noises.
 The completely closed housing protects all parts from dirt, dust and liquids, therefore greatly reducing maintenance and minimizing service cost.

Also, the devices of the current generation all command sufficient performance with their 1 GHz mobile Celeron CPUs and offer a vast spectrum of interfaces. A variety of modern peripherals like RFID readers, fingerprint sensors, chip and magnet card readers are also available.

Implement customer-specific new advertising and multimedia concepts, for instance promotional offers, with the optional second TFT 8,4“, 12“ or 15“ monitor, with or without touch.
Naturally, we offer these devices with a two year warranty.

The final breakthrough on the market for fanless cash systems came in 2007. We at ADASYS register growth rates of about 200 % for our 4POS touch systems.