18.01.2002 and Safeway starting food delivery service

The British retailer Tesco and the US chain Safeway have started up their joint Internet-supported food delivery service in Portland, Oregon. Safeway had first closed down its own online shop and converted its system to that of its British partners. The service is to be tested first in 5 branches, the delivery fees will be US$ 9.98 per order. Safeway’s delivery service, which worked hitherto on the basis of warehouse and distribution centres, will be converted to the proven Tesco system which commissions in supermarkets and hypermarkets. is one of the world’s most successful multi-channel retailers and has an annual turnover in Britain of approximately US$ 420 million.

As the principal competitor for Tesco/Safeway the Peapod Inc., which belongs to the Ahold Group, is also a European-controlled enterprise.