The world renowned Tensaabarrier range of retractable barriers offers a number of unique patented features which combine to offer the saftest barrier system on the market today.

Innovations include:

• Tensator’s unique anti-tamper lock, which prevents the webbing from accidental release
• The patented centrifugal braking system which, once the webbing has been released, slows the webbing down so that it retracts at a safe speed and thus avoids the dangerous “Whiplash” of other, inferior barrier systems.

The extensive range of Tensabarrier posts. Wall mounted units, customised webbing, rope-and-posts and accessories provide a comprehensive selection of attractive and functional guidance systems. Tensabarrier posts can be positioned as required and linked together to from a barrier using the company’s patented retractable webbing system. Corporate logos or messages can be dye-printed into the webbing to communicate more effectively with customers or to complement interior desin schemes.

Posts can be postitioned as required with numerous layout options as all posts feature 4-way connectivity. Ideal for use in retail environments, Tensabarrier can be seen in use throughout the world.