TRAIDIS will be showcasing for the first time the AUTODIS 2000++, recycling cash deposit and cash dispensing system dedicated to the retail sector...

The Autodis 2000++ allows in-store cash management: cash float dispensing and takings deposit are automated with an innovative cash recycling system. It offers a quick, reliable and secure cash processing solution dedicated to the retail sector.

After logging-in with a personal code, the cashier puts his/her cashbox in the machine. Then, the Autodis 2000++ dispenses, in approx. 20 seconds, the pre-established amount into the drawer made up of 8 types of coins and 2 to 4 banknote denominations. It can also be used as a cash dispenser for cashiers who need change during their shift.

At the end of the day, two cashiers can simultaneously register on the 2 deposit points of the Autodis 2000++ and can quickly deposit the takings of the day (consisting in coins in bulk and banknotes in bundles). The takings are immediately value-counted, then stored in the safe. The amount of the deposit is recorded and a receipt is issued. The whole operation lasts less than 45 seconds.

Recycling cash
Once value-counted and sorted, banknotes and coins are ready for re-dispensing!

Thanks to its built-in PC, the Autodis 2000++ is a stand-alone unit but it can also be linked easily to the general IT network of the store.
Each transaction is recorded directly on the computer; therefore, the supervisor can manage in real- time the stock of cash and have a clear overview of cash flows.
Thanks to 3 deposit points and 1 dispensing point usable at the same time, the AUTODIS 2000++ brings to the whole checkout organisation unequalled gains of time, productivity and security: it eliminates manual checking and cash-float-preparing operations; it allows reliable, fast and secure takings collection and counting.

TRAIDIS at Euroshop 2008
Hall 6- STAND A15