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Throttleman contracted with systems integrator Creativesystems to define and support an RFID solution that would improve the overall speed and efficiency of its supply chain. Creativesystems partnered with TAGSYS based on the 99.9 percent read-rate performance of TAGSYS’ UHF tunnels.

Creativesystems also partnered with Sybase (for middleware) and Paxar (for labels). Tagged clothes are shipped from the manufacturer to the distribution center, where the TAGSYS UHF tunnel scans and reads the content of each box in a few seconds. The tunnel automatically compares the list of items scanned to the packing slip, and discrepancies generate an alert to check content. This capability shortens the length of time items spend in the distribution center by five days. Therefore the retailer can drive sales by re-stocking its retail shelves faster and more accurately.

“The fashion industry places a high premium on being ahead of the style curve,” said Elie Simon, president and CEO of TAGSYS. “RFID will enable Throttleman to generate more sales revenue thanks to better availability of the latest styles on shelves. Furthermore, the Throttleman deployment showcases how TAGSYS can apply its award-winning, comprehensive RFID systems approach to the item-level track and trace of consumer goods.”

Throttleman processes 1.5 million garments per year, with prices ranging from 10 to 250 Euros per item. Reducing the inventory and distribution process by five days means Throttleman can capture additional revenue by having more clothes ready for sale.

“Throttleman knew that in order to meet our sales goals we needed to speed up reception and distribution to a fraction of the time it previously took,” said Miguel Maya, Associate General Director of Throttleman. “Creativesystems and TAGSYS are renowned for their turnkey solutions, and we are pleased to announce that our RFID system has helped us meet our original goals. Now that RFID has solved our issues in the supply chain, Throttleman can enter a whole new era of customer experience.”

“As a TAGSYS partner for several years, we recognize TAGSYS’ expertise in state-of-the-art solutions for vertical markets,” said Francisco Texeira e Melo, managing director of Creativesystems. “TAGSYS’ products consistently demonstrate exceptional performance and reliability.”

About Throttleman
Throttleman distinguishes itself in the fashion industry by foreseeing customers’ needs and by offering them unique ways to express their individuality and imagination. The company prides itself on highly-qualified in-store sales associates and a three-pillar approach to brand identity:

- Originality and freshness in collections
- Unique store architecture and prime locations
- Brand marketing

Throttleman also has subdivisions for its different market segments: Man, Kid, Woman and Funny.

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About Creativesystems
Creativesystems is an integrated solutions provider for smart information acquisition and management. With broad experience in IT and operations management, the company is focused on simple, scalable and competitive solutions, supported by expert consultancy in process optimization and efficiency.

Creativesystems has pioneered several item-level applications that use RFID to gain a competitive advantage. The company has an experienced technical team and is able to address any physical challenge in an RFID deployment.

Creativesystems’ name defines the way it approaches each and every challenge—creatively—to provide the best, most innovative and cost-effective solutions to increase productivity.

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TAGSYS is the global leader in item-level RFID infrastructure. TAGSYS provides RFID systems and tags for end-to-end item-level tracking that automates labor-intensive processes, authenticates and safeguards goods, and enables real-time inventory and asset visibility. With a proven track record of delivering Reliable, Accurate and Secure (R.A.S.) RFID systems and tags, TAGSYS has deployed over 100 million tags and 60,000 reader systems to over 500 customers in more than 40 countries. TAGSYS’ RFID solutions are currently being deployed in a range of highly specialized vertical markets that include pharmaceutical, fashion apparel, libraries, and textile rental. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with offices and R&D Centers in France, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and in Hong Kong. More information on TAGSYS can be found at