The Supervision is a state of the art interface enabling the full running and programming of video surveillance systems. It provides centralised video management using only a simple screen and mouse or of a touch screen. In this way even the most complex of installations can be made user friendly.
Using its powerful networking capability the Supervision can manage installations remotely as well as locally. The Supervision allows an easy and straightforward configuration of all the video components within a system. It allows one to control all cameras from a simple graphic pointer, signalling the exact position of the mobile camera within an area.
The Supervision also comes equipped with an exclusive “video tracking” system that enables it to follow moving objects automatically.
Using Supervision one can assess the state of a site in real time, allowing an immediate diagnostic as well as remote maintenance of an installation.

• Video management via map console
• Configuration interface
• Exclusive “video tracking” function
• Real time picture enhancement
• Remote maintenance and diagnostic in real time

TEB manufactures equipment of the highest technical standard, for business that focus on quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability when choosing their systems. TEB has developed a whole range of video surveillance products, including the TUB camera®, BULLE camera®, DRIV camera®, ES2000 panel and SuperVision® software, so that the perfect security solution can be provided whatever the requirements. TEB brings a global approach to the security requirements of its customers offering a solution geared to the needs, from design through to implementation.