CNL Manufacturing

SuperStar – Sports Mannequin

This do-it-all sports mannequin, innovated by CNL Manufacturing, allows window dresser to post it in all kinds of sport action positions, such as playing basketball, playing volley ball, playing soccer, playing baseball, running, doing karate, and many more action posts.

This is possible because this mannequin is made according to the human structure, having joints in its complete body. Its arms, legs, waist, chest and head can bend in any direction. It’s totally adjustable, with a muscular and robust look in abstract style. Its ability to post any sports position will add great visual effect to the stores. Since one “SuperStar” mannequin can do the job as many regular mannequins combined, it is also very cost-effective.

Obvioulsy, this “SuperStar” will have great use für sportswearr stores including shoes stores.