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Stronghold Launches the Original FabBag, the World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Reusable Bag

Stronghold, the company behind the hugely successful ‘Original GreenBag’ will launch their innovative new ‘Original Stronghold RPCP FabBag’ at the Euroshop Trade Fair in Düsseldorf (23rd to 27th February).

The ‘Original FabBag’ is the most environmentally friendly bag in the world. It is composed of 85% Recycled Post Consumer PET* (RPCP). PET is a resin used to manufacture transparent, lightweight, shatterproof bottles such as Coke and water bottles. The only part of the bag that is not recycled is the virgin polyester thread that is used to stitch bond the material. This means that the bag can be put directly into the waste stream to be recycled again. The consumer can confidently trace the entire lifecycle of the bag, from creation to original use to recycling and reuse.

Speaking about the new bag, James O’Connor of Stronghold Packaging Distributors Ltd said:

“The initial concept came about from a request from a major supermarket chain in North America to source a bag made with up to 30% RPCP. We decided to go much further and after months of research and development, we sourced a material that could be developed into a bag made up of 85% RPCP. We are currently sourcing a recycled thread. Our ‘Original Stronghold FabBag’ will be made entirely of RPCP, making it the first of its kind. It’s an exciting time for our company to be producing and supplying this unique reusable bag in Europe and affirms our commitment to protecting the environment.”

Stronghold will launch their new ‘Original FabBag’ at the Euroshop Trade Fair where over 1,600 international retail industry exhibitors from 50 countries will showcase their new and existing products to 91,000 visitors from 93 countries. The Stronghold exhibition stand will be located at Hall 3 Stand C04.


For further information, please contact:

James or Chloe (+353 86 3859532) or via email at

*Editor’s Note:

You probably use PET every day without realising it. PET is the name of the resin used to manufacture transparent, lightweight, shatterproof bottles, such as those used to hold water or soft drinks.
PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a chemical compound produced by combining the ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. PET was first developed for use in 1941. Although originally produced for fibres, PET began to be used for packaging films in the mid 1960s and then, in the early 1970s, for manufacturing beverage bottles.
PET containers are 100% recyclable. However, it is not only their recyclable quality that makes them environmentally friendly. Being extremely light, they help to reduce the formation of packaging waste while at the same time they reduce the emission of contaminants during their transport. Furthermore, since they require less fuel during transport, they also help save energy.
In order to give birth to a new product, used PET containers must first and foremost be collected. Nowadays, the majority of European cities have set in place a collection scheme to recover recyclable items.
The second step in recovering used PET bottles is sending the collected material to a sorting plant where the materials are separated according to their nature.
Recovered PET bottles are then compacted in a bundle and sent to a reclaimer. The reclaimer is a factory that turns used bottles into PET flakes, the raw material at the base of recycled PET products. To make sure the final product will be as pure as possible the de-baled bottles are sorted once again, pre-washed and shredded into flakes. The flakes are washed and dried, and then stocked and sold. This raw material can then be melted and manufactured into a new product.
Stronghold guarantees the quality of the products we sell. We have full traceability of all the components of our products and are proud to be associated with our suppliers in China.