Maingate Danmark

Strip curtains for all purposes

Strip curtains for all purposes

In Maingate Danmark we are able to deliver strip curtains in many different widths, thicknesses and colours. Strip curtains give the constructor, the architect and the engineer a great number of possibilities of which the most used are:

• Standard for cold store rooms, stock, production, shops and loose housing systems
• Polar for cold store rooms
• Coloured for design and interior decoration purposes
• XL for division of rooms and sliding doors

Maingate Danmark also sell swing doors, glass fibre doors, rust-proof doors and MF Multideck Front for display chillers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products. We also look forward to welcome you at the EuroShop (Halle 13 / B47) where you can take a closer look at the products and get more information. Please also visit our website: