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Store Security

Each year German retailers face inventory discrepancies of around five billion euros (source: EuroHandelsinstitut). And the trend is upwards. A large part of this financial loss is due to goods 'walking' out of the door, without being paid for. Comprehensive security concepts are an effective solution. At EuroShop 2002 Wanzl is presenting two new products: the Star-Gate entrance system and a self-closing check-out gate with acoustic alarm signal.

Star-Gate: High impact design

Intelligent entrance systems should look attractive and inviting, and also be an effective tool in preventing shoplifting. At EuroShop 2002 Wanzl is presenting its latest model, the electronic entrance system Star-Gate, which meets all the requirements in terms of both style and security. The system is supplied in a choice of colours, or to match the storeŽs own corporate identity. Star-Gate makes a positive visual impression right at the entrance to the store. It also harmonises well with modern, high-quality store design concepts. Star-Gate is based on the proven technology used for Technoport systems. Just like Technoport, the Star-Gate design pays great attention to security requirements: When the radar beam detects a customer entering the store, the gate opens automatically. But any attempt to leave the store via the Star-Gate entrance system is foiled by an acoustic alarm combined with flashing light signal and recorded announcement. Sales personnel, however, can easily open the gate to exit the store, using a handy transponder; when they have passed through, the gate closes again behind them automatically - and the store is secure again.

A further benefit of the new entrance system is that it exactly fits the space and layout at the store entrance, as the barriers are steplessly adjustable to the required angle of opening. Power, at a safe 24V, is cabled from the ceiling and through the shell of the columns, which are dividable along their length for easy maintenance.

Self-closing check-out gate with alarm

When used as part of an effective barrier and turnstile concept, the self-closing check-out gate helps prevent unauthorised exiting from the store. Upon request Wanzl can also fit a new acoustic alarm system to the self-closing gate - this, too, will be on show for the first time at EuroShop 2002.

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