Store Design



The design of a store is crucial in determining whether the customer feels comfortable and thus is an important instrument for creating a good shopping experience. The current topic therefore deals with the different shop types and logistics for shopfitting.


Using the right store format

Flagship, Concept and Pop-up Store: Distinguishing the shops

Picture: Zara Store

Even for retail professionals, it is often unclear which label means which type of shop. But the different shop formats can be clearly distinguished through a defined target group, fitting design and a coherent product range. Used right, they all can have a tremendous impact on sales and on the brand image. Silvia Talmon from Retail Academy in Cologne knows which store type fits which concept best.


How furniture ends up in the store – logistics in shopfitting

Interview with Michael Sterk, Director Business Unit Retail at Imperial Logistics International

Picture: Michael Sterk

It requires perfect timing, improvisational skills, and nerves of steel: you need to overcome a mountain of logistics before a store is able to launch with a new look. Furniture and equipment need to be available at the right time, so shopfitters are able to do their work. Business Unit Director Retail Michael Sterk from Imperial Logistics International spoke with us about the particular challenges of the industry sector.


Shop design works different in China

Understanding the target groups in different countries


The Chinese retail market is developing rapidly right now and may even become one of the most important retail markets there are. This is a valid reason to get to know this retail culture better. Shop designers and retailers should make sure to understand the wishes of the respective target group.