Store Concepts and shopping experience

Pop-up Store: Opened today, closed tomorrow – and the response is enormous

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Shopfitting companies and store designers talk about store design and store concepts and shopping experience. They think rather long-term here, because investments should pay off for retailers. Natural materials are no longer trendy, but now firmly rooted in retail consciousness. Multichannel also changes stores and business is changing faster and faster. Pop-up stores that are only open for several days or weeks take this to the extreme.

Pop-up Store: Opened today, closed tomorrow – and the response is enormous

Interview with Wolfgang Gruschwitz, Design- & Realisierungsbüro Gruschwitz, Munich

©  Gruschwitz

Civil engineer Wolfgang Gruschwitz is not just a numbers person. He successfully completed parts of his academic studies in the U.S. and Great Britain and familiarized himself with the world of marketing. Since 2003 he runs his own business; approximately half of his 30 employees work in his office in Moscow. Gruschwitz, born in 1961, also designs office spaces, hospitals or private homes, yet he views store architecture as an exciting trendsetter.

Store design becomes part of multichannel marketing

Interview with Dietmar Hasenöhrl, Head of TEAM 7 Flagshipstores, Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria

©  Dietmar Hasenöhrl

Nature is very trendy in store design, but this is more than a short-lived fashion according to Dietmar Hasenöhrl. He sees a paradigm shift in society that also captures the retail market. But how does a furniture company whose products are made of natural finish wood design its stores? How much space for store design is there actually available in a furniture store? The family company Team 7 near Salzburg has manufactured furniture since 1959 for the home, offices and public buildings.

“A display has to first and foremost wow people and whet their appetite“