La Rosa S.p.A.

Still top secret

Arrangements are under way for the next edition of the most influential trade fair, Euroshop!

Three years ago, the challenge undertaken by Gigi Rigamonti and his team at La Rosa was to recreate on stage a ‘still life’ transposition of the Cirque du Soleil’s performances.

For the 2008 edition, though, the finishing touch is being applied, to showcase a still strictly top secret exhibition.
What we do know (and can disclose) is that it will be pure entertainment, a unique alchemy of shapes, volumes and colours.
On the backdrop of a surreal setting, in a fin de siècle atmosphere, a tale will be told, based on a renowned musical play, where a new collection of mannequins will be displayed, posing in riveting and harmonious ‐ or wild and passionate ‐ ways to create a larger than life ensemble play which, we are sure, will leave you breathless.