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State-of-the-Art Lighting Creates Sense of Space

A lighting design using low-energy halogen lamps and LED

New Case Study: Creative interior lighting scheme at a private residence using cutting edge lamps from OSRAM
For a private home built in a very tight space John Cullen Lighting has developed an interior lighting scheme that would create a seamless link between each level while expanding the sense of space throughout and give the house a homely vibe. A state-of-the-art lighting design was required using low-energy halogen lamps and LED modules from OSRAM. Positioned throughout various applications across the house, these lamps create the perfect ambience while reaping energy savings thanks to their high levels of efficiency.

Lucy Martin, Design Director at John Cullen says, “We chose OSRAM’s halogen lamps and LED modules for this project due to their excellent light quality and cost-effectiveness. We knew that by using these products we could create a cutting-edge lighting scheme that enhanced the interior features while reducing costs. In addition, these lamps compliment our in-house light fixtures”.