Planlicht GmbH & Co. KG

Sound re-design!

But what did we want to improve? After a thorough
brainstorming we found out the following: we wanted more different sizes and
polycarbonate diffusers for the entire domino family. We wanted new cable
suspensions with more flexibility in choosing the mounting points and we wanted
a second standard colour. We also wanted direct and direct-indirect light
emission for both pendant and surface lights. We definitely wanted no visible
welding seam and no tools for changing lamps.
A quite challenging to-do-list for our technical department. And a remarkable

1. Extruded aluminium profile without visible seam
2. High quality powder-coating
3. Wall, ceiling and pendant mount
4. New flexible ceiling mount for pendant lights
5. Direct and direct-indirect light emission
6. Spotlight inserts QR111 available on demand
7. No tools required for change of lamps
8. Reflecting white base plate
9. Five sizes, two colours