Arno GmbH

Sony 4D Home Cinema

ARNO makes sound-islands for SONY

The look of the 3000 shop in shops for the Sony 4D home cinema project is defined by a noble design and a refined print technique.
Printed but transparent synthetic-textile banners as boarder create the desired living room atmosphere and ensure a strong branding effect.
The protected area inside the island gives the customer the possibility to discover the world of digital sound.
The individual components of the 4D project, VHS, DVD, Hifi and TV can be tested undisturbed.
The high quality technique is explained via video in 8 languages.
Implementation of the island, which requires only 8m² of retailer space and two persons and 90 minutes to assemble.
Packed the shop in shop systems fits on a europallet.
The package includes an assemblage video in 18 languages and a small tool-kit – there are no more tools necessary for the buildup. Delivery to 26 countries in 20 weeks.