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Smart Ergonomics in Gen 2 SCO eye Changing Demographics

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Düsseldorf, February 2008 – Ergonomics is at the heart of the new TOSHIBA TEC Gen 2 Self Check Out system. TOSHIBA TEC put technology and innovation to work to improve operational retail efficiency and create a ‘total comfort’ check out package for shoppers in the 21st century.
Design & Ergonomics
TOSHIBA TEC’s new Self Check Out concept has ergonomics written all over it: key components and all peripherals are within reach to minimize eye and head movements. This in turn creates a faster interaction for the shop assistant and speedier check out time for the consumer.
The reaction time and speed of performance as studied in a ‘Voice of the Customer’ Program helped the R&D team to create a logical process flow in the Self Check Out system that is unrivalled.
What makes the TOSHIBA TEC Gen 2 SCO highly attractive to both retailers and customers is the extremely low task complexity on the one hand whilst adding automated retail performance to the overall store management.

A Six Sigma Voice of the Customer program conducted by TOSHIBA TEC Europe made an ergonomic assessment of physical demands of both shop assistants and retail customers at the check out whilst listening carefully to retailers about future product requirements. The TOSHIBA TEC R&D team designed the Gen 2 SCO using the results of this human factors research.
Koen Willems, European Product Manager: “Changing demographics in Europe is a major issue in the retail industry today. Shoppers are pressed for time. There is a clear indication of a continuous rise in ‘basket shoppers’. A Self Service system is the ideal check out solution here to smooth the mass transit of shoppers during peak periods.”
“We focused on the most attractive check out design from the shopper’s point of view,” Koen Willems, European Product Manager, said. “This we combined with an engineering solution that is cost-effective for the retailer: our SCO is configured with high-quality components and offers easy forward-looking access to peripherals and slide-out modules to guarantee a low cost of ownership.”
The TOSHIBA TEC SCO concept might be offered in three different versions: 1-bag, 2-bag and my-tray.
Unique Cash Management
Ergonomics hard at work: Putting all payment modules in a compact and single location within eyesight makes a notable distinction from existing self check out systems. The notes recycling dispenser is joined by a coin recycler accepting both Euros and UK currencies.
The TOSHIBA TEC SCO unique notes recycling dispenser has been officially approved by the European Central Bank.
The TOSHIBA TEC solution operates with a minimum amount of cash in the recycler to enable 100 percent cash flow control. This allows for less actual cash in the store which is beneficial for a retailer’s cash management, insurance policies and an additional protection against theft.
The cash dispensers are monitored through a Cash Management software application to provide cash status reports in real-time.
The TOSHIBA TEC New Generation Self Check Out concept will be shown at EuroShop 2008 at Dusseldorf February 23-27. Stand 06/H35.