Skywalks by Curvet®: illuminated floating glass floors.

"I just can't seem to pick myself up off the floor. Yet I'm really above it all. ” So goes the witty slogan invented by Curvet® to promote its latest new product: original yellow illuminated floating glass floors, with their most unusual chromatic variations, and fabulous decorations.

These floating glass floors not only create an extra level below for keeping easy access to services and systems which, in today's world it can be hard to live without, but, unlike traditional floors, they also have infinite decorative possibilities thanks to the evocative lighting available, making them ideal for shops and display areas.

The floor units shown at the fair are examples using Curvet's exclusively patented transfer system for decorating glass with a subtle use of chromatic variations, in just one example of the many decorative possibilities on offer, with colours and patterns which can be mixed and matched in any number of ways, each version inspired by the innate creativity of nature or the warm shades of wood, marble and granite.

For more information contact: Hein Jan Gerrits

Last updated 15.02.2005