City lights are more than advertising

© werbeland

”Downtown“ is where the lights are shining brighter.“You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares“, Petula Clark sings. The song from 1964 is more current than ever. Metropolitan areas live by their bright neon signs. The reunification brought new signage into East German city centers faster than you were able to repaint the old facades, but repeatedly there is also controversy about the signs.

City lights are more than advertising

Interview with Mario Döhring, Managing Director werbeland

© werbeland

In 1999, Mario Döhring and his father Heino Döhring founded Germany’s first and so far only industry association for advertising technicians. Today werbeland has just under 250 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The group has national and international customers in the areas of illuminated advertising, car advertising and signage.

”Advertising has always pushed the boundaries of what’s feasible“

Interview with Angela Klimmek, Marketing Director at badgepoint Namensschilder Systeme

© badgepoint

”Professional name badges are an important part of modern corporate identity“, says Angela Klimmek. ”With their name, employees signal a sense of responsibility and are directly approachable at any time. “ Klimmek is in charge of marketing at badgepoint from Ahrensburg near Hamburg. Unlike other vendors, the company has exclusively specialized in premium nametags.

”It has proven successful to wear a nametag on the right side“