Shopping with your eyes


Visual Merchandising is depending on the creativity of the designers. Overloaded areas and dull arrangements result in bored customers. How designers and companies face conformity in shop window displays, you can read here:


Mannequins cut a fine figure

Display dummies stage merchandise in a three-dimensional way. Merchandise in this case doesn’t just mean textiles. Dummies, trunks and busts are also interesting to other retailers. This shows that plastic models do not just have to be beautiful, but more abstract shapes are also in demand.

Mannequins cut a fine figure

Interview with Wolfram Liebhardt, Deco-Woerner Assistant Art Director at Woerner in Leingarten near Stuttgart.

"Cities, whose store variety is still intact, like the town of Ludwigsburg for instance prove that an attractive window display can still be justified in the future."

Ideas for better shop window displays

Many mistakes are made in shop window displays

Interview with Norbert Grüger, display designer and author

Norbert Grüger decorates shop windows for large and small retailers. He is annoyed with the uniform look in our pedestrian zones, but he views this as a chance for retail to set itself apart from chain stores. He encourages retailers to realize their own ideas.

Many mistakes are made in shop window displays