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Shop-windows with sound-effects

Quelle: ADJ

The VibroGlass and the MicroPlayer convert your shop-windows into high-quality speakers, inside or outside !

The MP3 MicroPlayer was specifically designed for installations where broadcast of sounds, music, sound effects or commentaries is required. Playback automatically starts on powering on, or when one of the input
contacts is activated, on receipt of order from any infrared remote control or through the RS232 serial link.
The MP3 files are stored on SD memory card. The naming of files and directories determines the broadcast
pattern. Digits inserted in file and directory names provides powerful automation of the playback program.

The VibroGlass is an audio transducer which converts windows into high-quality speakers, inside or outside.
The VibroGlass converts any material into speakers to broadcast sounds. Discreet and robust, the VibroGlass
sticks to any support material. The VibroGlass transmits clear sound or music through any flat object, be it glass,
wood, plaster board... producing a non directional, diffuse sound. The VibroGlass discreetly broadcasts messages
and music, in any place, even the most unusual ones.