IFES International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services

Services Companies creates Platform to encourage business partnerships globally

In early January, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES), launched an “Online PartnerGuide”. This business directory of a new kind lists exhibition and event service companies across the globe. Its aim is to allow companies in the exhibition and events industries to find potential partners for projects to be carried out in other countries of for which specific skills are required. Imagine this scenario: You are a Danish standbuilder and you need to build a stand in Mumbai. Are you going to ship all your goods to India? No, probably not. You can simply use the Partnerguide to find companies in India that provides the services you need and contact them. The online Partnerguide offers you the opportunity to search for a trustworthy partner anywhere across the globe.The PartnerGuide is will be presented at EuroShop in Germany from 23 to 27 February 2007. It is available on the association’s website at Any company in the exhibition and event services industry can be listed in there for a modest yearly fee, aimed at supporting the further development of the guide and activities of the association relating to international networking.On the specific topic of “Sharing Business”, IFES will be organizing its annual convention in Milan on 20-21 June, 2008. Every year, this Convention proves to be a great success attracting around 150 participants from more than 25 countries. This year a strong emphasis will be put on networking opportunities - including a unique international "speed dating" session - to help participants explore all opportunities of sharing business. Registration to the event will open soon and all information will be posted on the association’s website.About IFES. IFES is the international umbrella federation for all national/country associations whose member-companies are active in the exhibition-services and event-marketing industries. The association is representing more than 1600 Exhibition industry companies in 26 countries. For more information on the association and to view the PartnerGuide, please visit