Spectral Gesellschaft für Lichttechnik mbH

Series 99

The series 99 is a successful synthesis of lighting technology devised by the renowned Bartenbach Lichtlabor, combined with Spectral’s engineering and design skills.
It brings the essence of many years‘ development work to bear in a small but innovative Spectral luminaire line. Conceived strictly according to the principle „form follows function“. The series 99 consists of spots and floods with highly-precise flanking reflectors for low voltage and halogen metal-vapour lamps. In addition wallwashers and ceiling floodlights with high-precision reflectors made of extruded involute aluminium sections – metallized and mirror-polished, as well as built-in spotlights with light milieu control and secondary reflector technology. These technologies have evolved over years of constant effort and have led to surprising results.
All the luminaires can be equipped with the state-of-the-art lamp technology, such as ceramic burners, low-voltage/low-pressure technology, and FO T5 fluorescent lamps.