Sales promotion through collaboration

Sales promotion through collaboration: two are better than one

© / Arne Trautmann

When two brands join together, both want to benefit from each other. There are countless examples for this. Philadelphia and Milka sweeten your breakfast and outdoor specialist Gore-Tex refines the products of many high quality brands with its water-repellent Teflon coating. More and more stores are also trying to jointly tap into new target groups and benefit from it. And it works: thanks to well-thought-out collaboration, lots can be accomplished in the travel agency, the bookstore or online.

Sales promotion through collaboration: two are better than one

Interview with Damian Izdebski, Managing Director of DiTech

© DiTech

Damian Izdebski is the founder and Managing Director of DiTech, an Austrian computer company. Together with the bookstore chain Thalia, the company now has opened the third shop-in-shop collaboration of computers and books. In our interview, Mr. Izdebski tells us why the collaboration between literature and technology works so well.

”We have identified and worked out mutual synergy effects“

Interview with Nina Meyer, spokesperson for L’TUR

© L'TUR Tourismus AG

In September 2012, a Starbucks Coffee House opened in Baden-Baden, Germany. But not just like that and simply anywhere; no, the L’TUR Tourismus AG (L’TUR Tourism Company) and the Coffee Shop cooperatively share the sales floor. The magic word here is sales promotion. Nina Meyer, spokesperson for L’TUR explains in our interview how this new cooperation works.

“The combination of coffee shop and travel agency works wonderfully“