Safe and sound cash payments with CashComplete™

SCAN COIN, a world leader in the automated cash processing market, is now introducing CashComplete™, an efficient way of securing cash payments and processing in-store. The flexible and compact system can be adapted to most retail environments and recognises the continued popularity of cash-based payments.

CashComplete™ has been designed to offer shoppers the ability and convenience of using cash, while giving retailers a secure and cost-effective system of handling such transactions. “It is a closed end-to-end solution keeping the entire cash loop in mind,” says Jan Olof Jarnesjö, Business Development Executive at SCAN COIN.

The point of sale, POS, unit provides automatic cash handling for the till and could even allow shoppers to pay for purchases without the need for a cashier. Notes are inserted into a single slot and coins can be entered a handful at a time. The system checks for counterfeit notes and coins to ensure that stores do not pass on counterfeit cash so avoiding economic loss and damaging consumer confidence.
Correct change is given and consumers can get cashback as they would from a traditional till, as the system is fully compatible with existing electronic point of sale, EPOS, solutions.

Technically secure
The system has been designed with a secure transport unit so that the till can be emptied and refilled without exposing the cash. This is coupled to a special docking station for use to empty the secure transport unit when allowing access to the notes. Both these systems come with a variety of security levels tailored to the retailer’s requirements. “The generation of closed cash handling systems we are working on have focused on the weak links in the chain such as emptying and refilling the system and also working with cash-in-transit companies to improve operability,” adds Jarnesjö . This makes cash handling more efficient and secure.

SCAN COIN has developed sophisticated software for cash monitoring and handling. Cash is tracked in an instant digital audit trail as each transaction from all POS units, transport units and docking stations are logged online and can be remotely monitored.

CashComplete™ allows retailers to cope with the continuing challenges and opportunities of handling cash transactions. It combines an easy-to-use interface with complete compatibility to existing systems. The benefits are less time spent on the tills and more time providing customer service

The CashComplete™ solution builds on SCAN COIN’s forty-year expertise in cash processing systems and solutions. The company has a presence in more than 120 countries served through a network of SCAN COIN companies and distribution partners.

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Founded in 1966, SCAN COIN is one of today’s leading suppliers of cash processing equipment, system solutions and services. The world-wide customer base is served through a network of SCAN COIN companies and distribution partners covering some 120 countries. SCAN COIN develops, manufactures and markets equipment and integrated solutions for handling bank-notes and coins, and has become a world leader in the automatic cash processing market.