MEMO Electronics GmbH

SHOPPING EXCITMENT like you have never experienced

MEMO Electronics is a leading security specialist for Interior Control Systems in cooperation with shop furniture manufacturers creating a state-of-the-art security solution, which gives clients a shopping experience unique to its kind.
Glass disappears as it has been moved by magic, the showcase glass flap move down majestic and allow free viewing and access to the most precious masterpieces.

Sales personal are focused on the client in every phase of the conversation with full attention. When a masterpiece shall be viewed in detail the sales person moves the data carrier on his/her arm with an unrecognized movement along a certain spot on the furniture, the glass opens. No need to search for the correct key, no interruption during the conversation, this allows the sales person to be totally focused on the client.

MEMO Systems combine the highest level of harmonic and silent movement control. The MULTI Controller equipped show cases and furniture fulfil the highest security requirements and offers effective means against tricky thieves and flash robberies.

Safety electronics combined with precision mechanics and the most advanced motor technology results in a stunning movement of doors, drawers and flaps while at the same time the systems offers unrevealed safety features.

MEMO Electronics wide experience enables customized solutions for each client while using standard components for cost effectiveness and highest reliability.

MEMO Electronics GmbH.
Mühlbergstr. 22 A-1140 Wien
Tel: +43 1 876 1431