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juwellery security

Raising crime rates and increasing protection of banks makes shops appear more interesting for thieves and robbers. Shop owners who invest in safety and security will sleep better, as the old saying is true: “why risking here when the neighbour is less protected?”
Security specialist MEMO Electronics realizes the state of the art security solutions for shop furniture’s in cooperation with leading interior design manufacturers.


Electronic security controllers in combination with electric locks offer tremendous advantages compared to conventional locks!

Electric locks and electronic units are fully integrated into the furniture and are totally hidden from the outside. This enables unknown freedom and flexibility in design and style.

People who shall have access receive a data carrier instead of a key. Presenting the data carrier at a certain place opens doors like magic. Over a small distant of a few centimeters the data carrier communicates with the control system through the wall of the furniture and access is only granted when the person is authorized to open.

An important safety feature is the automatic locking as soon as the door is closed.

The system can observe open doors and activates an alarm when a certain time limit is exceeded and it can also secures that no other door can be open at the same time, this ensures that thieves can not take the attention of sales people while their contemporaries are stealing behind their backs.

Of course the electronic system offers all the features one can expect, like easy access management, opening recordings, flexible configuration, silent and loud alarm, etc.

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