Exhibitor statements talked to some exhibitors about the atmosphere at their stands. Learn how important EuroShop is for these exhibitors.


Enthusiastic exhibitors about the atmosphere at their stands


EuroShop talked to:

David R. Nathaniel, Mettler Toledo


EuroShop talked to David R. Nathaniel, Global Retail Marketing Manager of Mettler Toledo. He showed us the new UC Evo Line of retail scales, which integrates well with store concepts. David R. Nathaniel also demonstrated the new instore marketing solution the Fresh Look Promoter. View more details in the video.

METTLER TOLEDO at EuroShop 2011


This video shows innovations presented by Mettler Toledo on EuroShop 2011. On site we captured a close up for you.

Rick Chavie, NCR


EuroShop talked to Rick Chavie, Vice President Marketing of NCR. He explained a new way of business between consumers and retailers. Rick Chavie also pointed out the benefits consumers and retailers can receive with this new way of 'converged retailing'. The new solution NCR offers to realize is called 'c-tailing'.