RetailVision Group B.V.

RetailVision shows new tools on Euroshop

RetailVision has developed new tools for the retailer with partners, like online CRM and POS solutions, RFID (RadioFrequencyIdentification tags), Customer Counting, fraud detection, kiosk solutions, Instore Media & Communication. New products are being developed and existing products are being improved non-stop.

The products MobileFlow and ConnectFlow have recently been developed for example. MobileFlow has been developed because there was an urgent need among our customers to optimize the order process and to work everywhere without to be stuck to a certain location. MobileFlow is the solution for people on the move who need to access, retrieve or process information. MobileFlow offers retailers the functionality that is commonly associated with mobile terminals and much more! ConnectFlow has been developed for managing all store transactions, the point-of-sale environment and the connection into merchandise and financial systems. ConnectFlow offers an on-line as well as an off-line retail operation which enables retailers to choose in which way (and where) the information is available in the retail operation.

The latest version of RetailFlow Advanced, the solution for retailers in the specialty sector who require style-colour-size functionality for example in the Fashion, Shoes and Sports segments, has a completely new Graphical User Interface (GUI). This means that RetailFlow Advanced has an internet lay-out. Further the customer module, stock control, automatic replenishment etc. have been improved. Moreover the wholesale module and the complete integrated EDI functionality (option) are new in RetailFlow Advanced.

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