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Results From First US XOGO-based Promo Surpass All Expectations

NEW YORK, LONDON - January 6 th 2005 - Electronic Game Card, Inc. (OTCBB:EGMI), a leading rewards based digital games company, today released the results of its first US client promotion structured around its XOGO electronic GameCard.

For a four-day period in November, the award winning Chicago radio station, 93XRT, ran an "on and off air” XOGO based promotion aimed at driving traffic to its popular website, .

Central to the promotion was the street distribution by hand of 4,000 XOGO electronic GameCards at high traffic locations across Chicago - each GameCard containing 28 plays. Over the course of the following four days 1500 unique users (38% of GameCards issued) visited the WXRT website to see if they had a winning combination.

Further, 85% of visitors subsequently revisited the site - on average 4.2 times - over a seven-day period. And despite early reservations about whether the public would understand how to use the GameCards, the radio station received no complaints - the GameCards proving completely intuitive to play.

John Bentley, CEO of Electronic Game Cards Inc., commented,

"We are pleased that the promotion has generated such impressive results for the client. This represents an important step forward in the adoption of our unique GameCard product by the sales promotion and direct marketing industry - particularly for broadcast and on-line based promotions -and follows the card's success in other areas of public acceptance.”

Prizes and competitions are a $42 billion rapidly growing sector of the US sales promotion industry. XOGO electronic GameCards offer a contemporary, interactive digital sales promotion tool that are the size of a US driving license, each weighing less than half an ounce. Adding greater perceived value to any promotional campaign, GameCards are easy and entertaining to play, GameCards being activated and played by simply pushing touch pads on the card.

About Electronic Game Card

Electronic Game Card, Inc., is a listed corporation (OTCBB: EGMI) distributing reward based digital games. Electronic Game Card owns a unique proprietary US pocket sized digital game platform known as an electronic extended play GameCard which has multiple applications for several industries. These include the "instant" lottery and charitable markets as well as the sales promotions reward and competition markets. EGC has developed its sales promotion range under the XOGO brand .

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