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Republic National Distributing Company Selects Aldata For Optimizing Category Management

Aldata Solution, a leading provider of software solutions for the retail industry, announced today that Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the United States, has selected Aldata Cosmic Assortment Optimization to enhance its overall category management by gaining deeper insights into product performance, increasing overall sales and maximizing customer satisfaction.

RNDC distributes a wide variety of adult beverages to hundreds of retailers in more than 20 states, including Louisiana, Texas and Florida. Aldata Cosmic Assortment Optimization enables RNDC to analyze market and customer data as well as manage a diverse portfolio that includes thousands of SKUs. RNDC plans on utilizing Aldata Cosmic Assortment Optimization to help retailers enhance their category management efforts, optimize assortment and space management and identify sales opportunities.

“Aldata Cosmic will enable us to quickly and easily achieve insights into sales and product performance that we can share with our retail customers, providing them with a critical advantage in a highly competitive marketplace,” said Dirk van Renesse, corporate director, Category Management, RNDC. “We are always looking for ways to enhance our distribution efforts and provide richer insights and recommendations to our customers. With Aldata, we can share those insights in a timely, efficient manner, increasing customer satisfaction.”

Aldata Cosmic Assortment Optimization is an analytical software solution that calculates the optimum mix of products to meet shopper, supplier and retailer objectives. With Cosmic, customers are able to automate the assortment range review process and receive important data quickly. Cosmic enables users to consolidate all relevant data helping determine product / segmentation performance and ensure an optimized and balanced range that meets the requirements of shoppers.

“In today’s evolving economy, retailers must be able to quickly respond to changes in consumers’ shopping behavior. The ability to closely collaborate with customers, providing them the insights to thrive, is critical,” said Allan Davies, CMO of Aldata. “With Aldata Cosmic, RNDC can quickly analyze and identify opportunities for their customers, maximizing sales and increasing customer satisfaction.”