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Radford Launch 'High-tech' Turnstile Entrance Control Solutions for the Corporate and Leisure Market

Radford continue to be one of the leading suppliers of entrance control solutions, with the launch of their latest innovation in turnstile design: the two-armed Elite designed specifically for public admission and corporate entrance control environments, the Elite turnstile offers unique safety and permission-access features.

The Elite's motor drive system enables up to 25 percent more pedestrian throughput than traditional turnstiles. A unique, photocell 'eye' senses the approach of a person and automatically starts rotating the turnstile. Special software allows the speed of rotation to be adjusted to match the user's pace. In addition, the Elite's near silent operation makes it an ideal solution for any busy public access environment, including office complexes, museums, leisure and arts centres, or busy convention locations.

The Elite can be deployed by virtually any access control system, and when used with contact-less proximity readers, its motor drive and photocell activation allows for 'hands free' operation. This enables the free passage of authorised users without the need to push the turnstile arms – a great advantage for people carrying luggage such as briefcases or laptop bags.

The Elite’s innovative two-arm technology enables the turnstile to offer free and unhindered exit in an emergency situation. If the Elite is connected directly to a fire alarm system, the arms will automatically rotate into the 'open' position on alarm activation.