ALU spa

REVOLUTION: spatial seductions for the shop experience New flexible, free-standing, temporary, durable displays... endlessly variable

From service to excitement, commercial displays are now increasingly a part of that shop experience which plays on consumers’ five senses. Now, at Euroshop 2008, ALU presents four new collections, designed to seduce consumers’ five senses.

Its RIBBON, MOBILE, ORIZZONTALE and OYSTER collections can be used to create an endless variety of display modules: free standing, structures, wall units, shelves…
The result is always a powerful sight: horizontal and vertical lines that zero all prior conceptions, mingle and create places for unprecedented spatial experiences.

Revolution is the name ALU has chosen to identify these four collections.
“We chose this name,” says Abramo Manfrotto, the firm’s CEO, “because ultimately ALU grew out of a revolution. Twenty years ago we took Autopole (a product created for photographers) and slapped it in the display windows of stores of all kinds, with its international success disrupting the status quo. Now it’s time for the second revolution, which is beginning here in ALU, where we work every day to change retail design. We work to enable the end user to feel a new spirit and sense of involvement in our clients’ spaces. Perhaps because of all this it’s essential to make unexpected choices, but in this sense our new payoff is perfectly clear: LEAVE OR STAY. Because the risk of change is alarming. But if we pass up the opportunity will we ever survive the doubt that remains with us?”


RIBBON is an articulated 3Dimensional strip (in black DuPont Nylon) which can be modeled along walls and in space, in any direction. Equipped with numerous accessories (shelves of different sizes, hooks, display bars, flexible metal arms...) RIBBON has a stunning aesthetic flexibility, because it can form the dominant sign on a surface but it can also glide smoothly to accent or frame a product. Its final appeal will be the result of the project designed with or around RIBBON .

ORIZZONTALE is a strip with a “lunar” touch. Cold and metallic in its tactile qualities, it actually can warm up interiors by its fantastic transition from the second to the third dimension. This satin-finish aluminum strip can be transformed from a wall-mounted support into a furnishing structure (tables, stands, walls,...), mirror frames or graphic elements, columns, display stands... By becoming an architectural element, ORIZZONTALE’s endless modulations will win it a place in the most classic of locations as well as in ultra-contemporary settings.

MOBILE is the surprise of the minimal which advances in the design of intangible volumes, it is the quotation of cultured design: a curved metal tube that made history as modernity and today, thanks to a three-dimensional joint, as a creator of lightweight mobile structures. On castors, with rotating joints, with wooden or transparent shelves holding garments or images... MOBILE can become the flexible module of a temporary store or a tubular sculpture permanently dividing an important interior.

OYSTER is a display tile whose easy opening and closure can modify the aesthetic of a sales point or a store window in just a few minutes. OYSTER has two surfaces devoted to graphic communication: the first, external, is displayed when the frame is closed, the second is revealed when the shelf (in polycarbonate and ABS) is opened. This will reveal the renewed backdrop for a product or the section used to display a wall of images, colours, brands...